Why Use Safe Foodie Sticks?

Here's How Restaurants & Catering Companies Can Use Safe Foodie Sticks

Food is such an important part of our culture and is a very social part of who we are as people. Food allergies can make being social very difficult at times because of the fear and anxiety that surrounds food allergy sufferers when dining out. Because of how much our society focuses on food as a form of entertainment and social interaction, having food allergies can isolate people. It can make team events difficult to participate in; dates awkward; eating out a fearful experience; and school parties can be stressful and upsetting. Using Safe Foodie Sticks is a way to help empower those who suffer from food allergies and to help them eat safely.  

  1. Many people that suffer from food allergies fear dining out. With the use of Safe Foodie Sticks restaurants and catering companies are letting customers know that they understand the seriousness of their food allergies. Compassion and Empathy can go a long way.
  2. By using Safe Foodie Sticks, restaurants are letting their customers know that they are taking extra precautions and safety measures in preparing their food.
  3. When using Safe Foodie Sticks restaurants and their employees are taking extra precautions to ensure the right dish goes to the right customer.  It is a specific way to label an allergy dish instead of generalizing it as an allergy dish with a different plate or garnish.  A “Dairy Free” dish will be labeled as such with a “No Dairy” Safe Foodie Stick, a “Peanut Free” dish will be labeled with a “No Peanuts” Safe Foodie Stick and so on.  This can be especially helpful if there is more than one allergy sufferer at the table that needs special accommodations.  Safe Foodie Sticks are used to assist servers and food runners in being able to differentiate the dish that is prepared allergy safe. In addition, it adds an extra level of accountability with the restaurant and comfort of the patron.
  4. Using Safe Foodie Sticks can help restaurants gain more customers from the food allergy population, which accounts for over 15 million individuals just in the United States alone.  My son Taylor becomes so excited each time we are able to add a restaurant to his list of restaurants that accommodate his food allergies safely.  Word travels fast within the allergy community!
  5. TheSafeFoodie.com will showcase all restaurants on our website and social media sites that participate in using Safe Foodie Sticks at their establishment.  We do this to give kudos to the restaurants and also to let our follows know of new restaurants they may be able to add to their safe restaurants list.
  6. Restaurants food allergy customers will gain more confidence dining at your establishment knowing that you are taking extra precautions to ensure that their dish is safe to eat and that the right dish goes to the right person.  This empowers both the restaurant and customer.
  7. Safe Foodie Sticks will help chefs and employees become more accountable for safe food preparation.  Using Safe Foodie Sticks will help teach others about responsible usage, which is essentially safe food preparation for those with food allergies.
  8. Safe Foodie Sticks for individual and consumer use helps to create awareness to the public and helps restaurants assist in safe food preparation for those with food allergies.  It is critical that we educate those that prepare food for individuals with food allergies. There are many people who don’t know much about food allergies or the life threatening reactions that they can bring.
  9. When catering companies use Safe Foodie Sticks, it helps those with food allergies be able to clearly identify dishes that are safe for them to eat.
  10. Safe Foodie Sticks take the guesswork out of whether or not a dish has unsafe ingredients that may not be visible or easily identifiable.

It is critical that we educate restaurants and those who don’t know much about food allergies and the severity and life threatening consequences that they can bring.

Encourage your favorite restaurant to carry and use Safe Foodie Sticks.